HOWL is an Antwerp based ethical, ecological, and sustainable fashion label that offers a permanent collection complemented at times with designer capsule collections regardless of seasons.  Part of the profit will go to planting trees.

HOWL’s mission is to develop locally and transparently, permanently available, timeless, ecological, and qualitative designer clothing. 

HOWL’s vision is to make the planet green by being a leading figure in an ecologically and socially responsible fashion world. 

To do so, HOWL is authentic, honest, respectful, and independent in its creative activism, but with a slight touch of humor and a free spirit. It’s not because changing the world is a serious matter that we shouldn’t laugh, have fun, and look good.


In 1995 when the grey wolf was reintroduced in the Yellowstone National Park in the west of the United States, something unforeseen but wondrous happened. After all the wolf has a bad name, it is a predator, a threat to humans, animals and the environment alike. But just because of the wolf’s predatory behavior towards herbivores, nature recovered. The drastic decline in certain species resulted in others returning to the park while more than ever before trees started to grow and rivers changed their ways. 

The wolf cured the whole region’s ecosystem and created a harmonious environmental balance.

HOWL creates a balance in the fashion world’s ecosystem while taking humans’ needs and the environment into account. To ensure that the viability of our planet takes priority over the artificially sustained supply of the big fashion houses and the fast fashion brands.  

The punishing pace of the seasonal whims puts immense pressure on designers and manufacturers as well as on sewing factories in low-wage countries and on the consumer who cannot tell winter from summer apart anymore, let alone spring or autumn. It causes immense damage to the planet and its inhibitors.



We know you know about the greenwashing. And we know you know that ‘sustainable’ is a very fashionable word. If not a ploy to lure you in. And we’re not holier than the pope. But we’re on a mission. So, we’d like to explain what we do, with whom we do it, where we find the fabrics, what they are made of, and how we send it to you.

Our standards are high. We only work with organic and recycled fabrics. Now and then we use dead stock fabrics to avoid waste. But the feel of the fabrics must always be soft and smooth and gentle to your skin.

Manufacturers in Portugal are providing us with the best quality of organic, recycled or low impact jersey there is. The people that work in the factories, knitting and sewing, are paid decent wages.

The process of designing, choosing the fabric, and producing the items, is permanently analyzed and improved. That also means that we care what you think. We value your feedback. Don’t be shy and share your thoughts with us.

On the product pages, we explain what your top is made of.